The concept of the product development


The concept of the line development

We, Fujino Line (the former name was Fujino Nylon), are a specialized manufacturer of fishing lines that was established in 1957, when the nylon fishing line production industry was in the early stage of development.  We are manufacturing a wide range of fishing lines such as super thin lines for ayu fishing, tapered lines, and braided lines at our own factory.  In addition, we are not only providing our own products, but also handling domestic and overseas OEM production.  As the developments of fishing lines change other fishing tackles, we will change our fishing styles, we will be able to catch a fish that has been difficult to catch, and we will feel the fish bites we have never had.  Fishing lines, which connect anglers with fish like other fishing tackles do, occupy an important role.  “A tapered line”, which varies in thickness, is an essential line for fly fishing and tenkara fishing.  As its thickness is not constant, various design elements such as the length of the thick part, the length of the tapered part, or the hardness of the line are necessary.  It is therefore possible to produce infinite kinds.  We put a great deal of effort into the production of such a special line as well.  We think that there is a big value in continuing to pursue while focusing on the importance of “line” and specializing in lines as a line production professional.  We will always strive to manufacture products focused over the details, aiming for highly creative items and manufacturing one and only products, based on the concept “as a line changes, fishing changes.”